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      sales department 86-0335-3628741
      Fax: 86-0335-3648541
      No.2 Building,Re-Employment
        Innovation Center,
        North Industrial Zone,
        Haigang District
        Qinhuangdao City,
        Hebei Province, China
      Mail code: 066001
      E-mail: zh3524@126.com
      Alibaba website: https://zh3524.en.alibaba.com
        QINHUANGDAO TIAN’EN TENT CO., LTD,the predecessor of the PLA No.3524 military logistics factory, "Reform" and achieve the optimal allocation of human resources, the reorganization of the domestic manufacturing joint venture tents professional firms. The company is headquartered in the beautiful seaside city-Qinhuangdao.
          Our company has the most advanced production equipment and first-class professional technical and managerial talents, Title is at or above the intermediate level of the total management of a total of 91%, and technical forces are strong; Products Inspection means complete. reliable, and has smoothly passed the ISO9001 : 2000 quality system certification. Companies with a market Ministry, the Ministry of Production, technical testing, the Ministry of Finance and the Department of Comprehensive Office. Capital adequacy, sound organizations. The company's scope of operations is an industry-based, diversified operations. That the main products of various types of multi-standard single-and cotton tents, but also to incorporate all kinds of backpacks, sleeping bags, bottle covered cloth, gun's cloth, Artillery's cloth, Carrying all kinds of fighting with the march and folding beds, folding tables and folding chairs, and other equipment, products and so on.
          The company's operating purposes are : the needs of the society and to serve the community, focusing on the military, while working to open up the international market. Consistent compliance with the customer first, the first product quality, economic efficiency and user satisfaction as important. Quality and reliable trust in the community to the development of quality services for enterprises. Since the company was founded, with a good reputation, won a majority of customers at home and abroad generally praised. Yu Tian En who is the general manager of the company leads all the staff and friends of all social strata in sincere cooperation and jointly create a better future.
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